Scheduling depositions.

If you’re in the business of litigation, scheduling depositions is one of those repetitive, mundane tasks that is part of the job.

Whether you’re a paralegal or legal assistant who assists multiple attorneys or solo-practitioner attorney without support staff, it is a task that can take a significant amount of your weekly or daily time.

Coordinating attorney(s) and deponent(s) schedules, creating a notice, scheduling a court reporter and any other support services such as a videographer, videoconference, and/or an interpreter takes time.

This is why Veritext created Snap Scheduling. As a Veritext company, Connor Reporting is pleased to now provide Snap Scheduling to clients.

You are already creating a notice. Why enter the information in a lengthy online form again when you can drag and drop your notice to schedule your deposition in seconds?


Watch this short video (with or without sound – it has subtitles) about Snap Scheduling:

Snap Scheduling – Schedule Depositions in Seconds from Mobley Reporting on Vimeo.

A few highlights of what you can do with Snap Scheduling are:

  • Drag and drop functionality makes uploading a deposition notice a snap
  • Save time by skipping lengthy form fills
  • Reschedule depositions with just one mouse click
  • Schedule on-the-go by snapping a quick picture of a notice and uploading it via the Veritext Mobile app.

As a feature in MyVeritext, Snap Scheduling is one of the many ways Veritext assists you in being more efficient by removing aspects of those mundane tasks that are typically just part of the job as a legal professional.

For more information, see 12 Reasons Attorneys and Legal Professionals Register for MyVeritext. Snap Scheduling is just part of one of the twelve reasons.

Get Started with Snap Scheduling 

Connor Reporting is a proud Veritext partner, and we are glad to provide Snap Scheduling to all of our clients. We are committed to providing unparalleled litigation support solutions, including Veritext features. Learn more about Snap Scheduling, Veritext, and the litigation solutions we provide by contacting us HERE

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