All Connor Reporting, a Veritext company, clients now have access to MyVeritext. As a member of the Vertitext team, we have access to many new and innovative services and technologies. 

MyVeritext is one of the technologies we were referring to. Attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants/secretaries, and other legal professionals are finding that MyVeritext enables them to be more efficient in the daily tasks involved with depositions and case management.

Introducing MyVeritext from Veritext on Vimeo.

With MyVeritext, leverage Veritext’s easy to use online tools for deposition scheduling, simplified transcript and exhibit downloading mobile tools, and advanced search capabilities. Our proprietary MyVeritext client portal and Veritext Mobile App enable seamless access to your schedules and transcripts and the ability to search and annotate anytime, from anywhere.

Let’s look at some of the many features that MyVeritext provides.

12 Reasons MyVeritext Helps Legal Professionals Be More Efficient:

  1. Online Scheduling – Conveniently schedule, confirm or change depositions specifications online. Veritext’s secure MyVeritext Client Portal lets you schedule depositions, specify needs, check status, confirm, make changes, and maintain a central calendar without picking up the phone. In fact, Veritext’s drag and drop snap scheduling feature allows you to schedule a reporter within 7 seconds by uploading a deposition notice. And we’ll send you confirmation notifications before each deposition where you can confirm. Even rescheduling is as easy as moving a calendar appointment from one date to the next with a single mouse click.
  2. Calendar and Case Calendars – On your calendar, view all of your current and past scheduled depositions. Our team will assist in setting up case calendars to give your entire team access to all events of your case. The calendar is customizable to fit your needs. If you need to reschedule a deposition, you may simply drag & drop the event via the calendar feature. All information about the deposition may be accessed and updated through the calendar.
  3. Schedule Court Reporters, Videographers, Videoconferencing, Veritext Virtual, Interpreters and Conference Rooms – Schedule all services needed for any deposition through MyVeritext. You will be able to choose locations from over 130 brick and mortar locations in North America, specify another location, or request assistance in finding a location for your deposition. Just tell us what you need and we will manage all of the resources necessary to ensure your deposition goes as smoothly as possible.
  4. Online Depository – Search & download transcripts and exhibits online, anytime. MyVeritext lets you and your colleagues download or search for your specific documents, in the format you need or order printed copies without having to pick up the phone. The online repository provides complete document security with secure single user access compliant with HIPAA and PII standards. Once you are registered for MyVeritext, you will have full access to search and download as your transcripts and exhibits. The comprehensive portal provides accessibility and security from any computer or mobile device.
  5. Easily send files securely from within MyVeritext to experts or clients. They will not need a MyVeritext login account to access the files. Instead, they will receive an email with a secure link to download the files.
  6. Full Text Search – Don’t remember where a transcript or exhibit is? Want to quickly find all documentation where a certain topic was discussed. No problem. Our newly designed unified search builder allows you to do full text search of transcripts and exhibits. This can be an incredible time saver.
  7. Mobile App – Schedule, confirm and review transcripts on the go. Now you can access documents, schedule or confirm depositions right from your mobile device. Veritext Mobile provides robust capability to instantly confirm and review deposition schedules, view details including mapped directions, and download transcripts for mobile annotation. Plus Veritext Mobile is synchronized to your MyVeritext secure repository so you can review full calendars and access all of your transcripts and exhibits.
  8. Easily create exhibit lists and export them in Excel or PDF formats.
  9. Customize file naming preferences so when you download exhibit files, they will be named in the format you prefer, assisting you in keeping files organized.
  10. Access Remote Depositions – with Veritext Virtual within MyVeritext, you will be able to access and join remote depositions.
  11. Intuitive and Fast – Designed from the ground up to be fast and easy to use. Some software programs are clunky and can easily take way too much of your time when processing a request. They’re built on top of old, outdated platforms. With MyVeritext, you will not be wasting time waiting for it to process a request or go to the next screen.
  12. Enjoy all the functionality with the confidence that your data is SAFE and SECURE on MyVeritext. Veritext provides the highest level of security to ensure that your clients’ confidential personal information medical records, financial data or trade secrets are protected and secure. We handle it on a large scale and take information security seriously. Facilities are designed with procedures in place which comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) security standards as a business associate, and which meet PII (Personally Identifiable Information) federal and state requirements. Veritext maintains an SSAE 16 certified data facility. We handle this so you do not have to.

The best way to learn more about MyVeritext is to set up a login account and start using it for yourself. We have many short tutorial and quick tip videos available to assist you in learning how to use MyVeritext quickly.

At Connor Reporting, we are happy to help you learn more about MyVeritext and set up your login so you can realize all of its incredible features and benefits for yourself. Learn more about how our national court reporting experts will provide you with exemplary litigation support solutions by calling 800-554-3376 or filling out the form on our website HERE.

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