Technology has completely transformed the way trials are won. With the help of Connor Reporting, you can be confident that your case will be presented to the judge and jury in a way that enhances the impact of your case. We will develop custom graphic presentations to reinforce your message, further explain content, and reveal evidence. The content developed for your presentation will be customized to meet your specific needs.

Trial technology can give you the upper hand in your case. Connor Reporting offers the newest equipment and software in trial technology. Utilizing trial technology to help present your case during trial can turn complex concepts into images that are easy to understand. This helps the audience better follow along with your trial story.

Applying timed slides and visuals throughout your presentation ensures that your words will have the desired impact that you’re looking for. Visual presentations can be an effective aid in the decision-making process. Generally, presenters who use visuals are much more effective. This is because visual aids can greatly influence the perception of evidence in the eyes of the jury.

Our skilled team of technicians and court reporters will provide professional, reliable service and assist you will aspects of your presentation, including:

  • Pretrial prep and production
  • Video production and editing
  • Advanced trial software
  • Custom demonstratives and graphics

We can create presentations that conform to pretrial specifications and our technicians are present at trial for to help setup and operate the equipment.

Connor Reporting brings years of experience in the courtroom to your litigation team. Our team will provide you with the assistance you need for your trial, so that you can spend your time focused on case theory, strategy and legal aspects of your case, rather than worrying about how, when, and where the exhibits will be displayed in court.

Help make your case with the efficient use of our certified trial presentation team. Our trained experts will present documents, exhibits, photos and video clips in the courtroom with Visionary®, our sleek trial presentation interface. Visionary software allows for:

  • Expert video synchronization
  • Editing capabilities on the fly
  • Side-by-side viewing of video, transcript, and exhibits
  • Text recognition for instant keyword searches and quick display

Connor Reporting’s onsite trial team can free-up your litigation staff, while our consultants work with the trial attorneys to prepare a witness, create presentation graphics, and provide document imaging and management services. Our team will always maintain the highest level of integrity throughout the trial. Give us a call today to explore your options 888-283-1161.

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