Facilitating face-to-face communications from anywhere

Connor Reporting provides private, high-definition video conferencing for convenient and cost-effective face-to-face meetings with deponents, clients, and witnesses.

  • Spacious downtown videoconferencing suites
  • Mobile video conferencing system for remote locations
  • Flexible, all-inclusive scheduling and coordination
  • Eliminates travel costs and planning

Videoconferencing saves valuable time, money and effort without sacrificing personal attention and communication. Whenever you wish to conduct a video conference, Connor will facilitate it using one of the many national and global networks with which we are affiliated.

Video Conferencing Suites

Connor Reporting’s Indianapolis headquarters provides flexible HD video conferencing, perfect for law firms and businesses. We currently have three spacious rooms with excellent views of Indianapolis and state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment.

  • The Legacy Room, seating 8, is equipped with a Cisco system and a wireless Barco ClickShare system for projecting laptop feeds and documents into the video conference.
  • The Mediascape Room, seating 6, also has the Cisco video conference system with Barco ClickShare. Additionally, the systems in this room are hardwired into our Steelcase Multimedia tabletop for quick and easy access.
  • Our largest room, the Victory Room, seating 20, is equipped with a Polycom HDX7000 and is soon to be updated with Cisco and Barco ClickShare systems as well.

Each conference room is equipped with flat-screen HD TVs that provide crystal clear views of all participants and documents. Connor Reporting also accommodates video conferencing in remote locations across the globe using laptops and webcams. Whether in your office, our comfortable suites, or anywhere around the world, Connor Reporting is the solution to all your videoconferencing needs.

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