“I graduated from IU and IU Indianapolis Law school with John Connor, the son of the founder of Connor Reporting. When I began practicing law in 1978, I believe the name of the company was John Connor & Associates (“Connor”). Since 1978, Connor has always been our reporting company of choice because of its consistently high quality work product and its professional and responsive service.

In 1985, when Riley Bennett & Egloff, LLP moved into One American Square, we were fortunate to share the 18th floor with Connor. Connor not only continued to be our court reporters of choice, but they were excellent neighbors and the proximity strengthened our personal relationships. As the years flew by, Connor continued to exceed our expectations by pioneering and demonstrating the latest new technology and teaching us how to integrate it into our practice. It started simply, with condensed and then electronic transcripts. The constant innovation continued and in 2007 select clips from a video deposition I took presented by Jim Connor in Federal Court using the Visionary program resulted in a prompt and highly favorable settlement for one of our larger clients.

We are grateful for our long-term business relationship with Connor and for the very comfortable personal and professional relationships we have developed with its personnel along the way. Our firm considers Connor as a valuable litigation partner.”



“The good people at Connor Reporting do excellent work and always go the extra mile for great service. We are fortunate to have them here in Indiana.”

John R. Maley Barnes & Thornburg LLP


“Connor is our firm’s first choice for all of our reporting services. Connor Reporting provides excellent reporting and videography services. What really sets Connor apart is their commitment to customer service. Connor makes sure everything from scheduling to questions about errata sheets are handled smoothly and easily for the lawyers and staff involved. Connor works with any special requests for expedited transcripts to keeping track of all original exhibits to scheduling requests.”



“I have used Connor Reporting for over 20 years and they are my go-to firm for court reporting services. Whether the deposition is local or in another state, they are always willing to accommodate my needs.  They have an excellent turnaround time and accuracy in preparing transcripts and I love the convenience of their online repository.  I truly enjoy working with everyone there.”

Katie Schuster, RP Bose McKinney & Evans LLP


“I have worked with the people at Connor Reporting for over 15 years. Connor Reporting employees assist me in scheduling depositions all over the country and will even secure a location for depositions in other cities if necessary. They provide excellent reporting and videotaping services. They are extremely responsive and obviously pride themselves on their customer service. Connor’s on-line repository is convenient and easy to access. I consider the employees at Connor to be part of our litigation team. I have been grateful over the years for their services and assistance.”

Cathy Reed Barnes & Thornburg