Veritext Legal Solutions Launches Student Resource Center and Recruitment Materials to Support the Next Generation of Stenographers


Today January 20, Veritext Legal Solutions, the leader in deposition and litigation support solutions, announces the company has created the Veritext Student Resource Center for those interested in a career in court reporting.

 The Veritext Resource Center was established to support the court reporting profession and inspire the next generation of stenographers. The information available on the resource center includes:

  •  An introduction to court reporting
  • An introduction to steno programs (NCRA A to Z™ and Project Steno Basic Training)
  • Scholarship opportunities and application forms
  • A list of court reporting schools
  • A directory of industry associations
  • Court reporter gear and software resources
  • Articles and advice for students from thought leaders

In addition, all the information in the Veritext Resource Center will be available in a presentation packet that can be brought to career fairs or shared with friends and/or family interested in a career in court reporting.

 “We are thrilled to be able to offer a comprehensive resource center for anyone looking to possibly get into the court reporting profession,” states Valerie Berger, SVP of marketing and communications at Veritext. “The court reporting community is experiencing a shortage that projections show will only get worse if not addressed. We have been working with accredited schools and organizations to provide scholarships, introductory classes, theory and speed-building to students interested in exploring the career of a court reporter and studying to be part of the profession. This resource center takes it one step earlier – and we are hoping this helps to get prospects interested in the field the information they need to make the decision to move forward.”

Veritext is strongly committed to strengthening and advancing the profession of court reporting. 

The company’s recent contributions to the stenographic profession include providing scholarships for aspiring stenographers, becoming a major supporter of Project Steno – raising over $25,000 in 2019 – offering complimentary NCRA-accredited continuing education (CEU courses) for stenographers, hosting Realtime Theory I & II through Baltimore City Community College and Delaware State University, collaborating with and supporting countless national and regional associations and participating in the NCRA A to Z™ program.

To visit the Veritext Student Resource Center, go to

 About Veritext Legal Solutions

Veritext is the leader in deposition and litigation support solutions with a proven track record of industry excellence. For law firms and corporations, we provide coverage across all of North America, state-of-the-art conference rooms, facilitate the connection with highly skilled reporters and videographers, advanced technology, remote services, unparalleled client service and on-time delivery. Our solutions utilize the latest easy-to-use technologies to streamline the deposition process and reliably handle the most complex cases. All of this combined with unmatched data security – including HIPAA and PII compliance – ensures that Veritext clients have the best tools available and the confidence of working with the market leader.

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