Court reporting is not always advertised as the most thrilling career. A career in court reporting can be both personally and professionally fulfilling, but individuals looking for adventure do not often imagine themselves as reporters. As a matter of fact, the court reporting industry offers incredible opportunities for global jet-setting. If you are interested in a lucrative, rewarding career that allows you to travel all over the world, you should consider becoming an international court reporter.

The Demand

Global depositions are increasingly common in the legal industry. Whenever possible, attorneys work with certified and professional court reporters, videographers and interpreters local to the country or region of deposition. For this reason, international litigation support networks—such as Connor Reporting’s global reporting services—are vital for helping law firms find such qualified individuals. However, local resources are not always available in any given deposition country. The United States legal system is fairly unique, making U.S. style deposition services rare abroad. When a local solution is not available, U.S.-based court reporters with specialized knowledge and international travel experience are indispensable and in high demand.

The Perks

As an international court reporter, you will have the opportunity to travel to places you may never have otherwise seen. London, Tokyo, Istanbul, Stockholm, Paris, Bangkok, Berlin, Beijing… the possibilities are endless. International court reporters can fly up to 100,000 miles or more annually, to various corners of the world—usually with travel expenses, hotels and meals covered. You will become a skilled traveller, gaining incredible experience and knowledge of different countries across the globe. And, in many cases, these international depositions are more lucrative than domestic ones. If you are looking for a flexible, exciting and worldly career, international court reporting is for you!

The Challenges

The challenges of international court reporting are not to be overlooked. Extensive travel is exciting, but it can also be exhausting. As an international court reporter, you will have to deliver high caliber work while battling jet-lag and language barriers. Traveling professionally requires preparation, organization and proficiency: fulfilling Visa applications, procuring travel documentation and, of course, navigating customs with unique equipment and electronics. Speaking of electronics, as an international court reporter you will become your own expert troubleshooter. You will also need to stay informed about global politics and avoid dangerous jobs in countries experiencing unrest. International court reporting can be lonely at times, but more often than not, you will be sharing adventures with a team of other jet-setters.

International court reporting presents an amazing opportunity to those up for the perks and the challenges of global travel. If you are interested in international (or domestic) court reporting, reach out to Connor Reporting today to discuss career opportunities.

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