Not all depositions take place at your office. Sometimes, they’re across town, on the opposite coast or in a foreign country. Many court reporting firms advertise “coast to coast” or “anywhere” scheduling, relying on an internet search to find a reporter. While it’s easy to google court reporters in Anchorage, it’s nearly impossible to know about the quality of the work you’ll receive. Connor Reporting eliminates this unknown. We have the experience, accreditation, and connections to set you at ease

  • Seasoned reporters with all types of cases
  • Professionally recognized for court reporting excellence
  • Established a national network of certified reporters and NCRA connections

As long time board members of the National Court Reporting Association (NCRA), we have met reporters around the world, many of whom have become close friends. We associate with the best reporters, and they’re proud to represent Connor. When you call Connor Reporting to cover your out-of-town depositions, we guarantee you’ll have a top-notch certified reporter, or we’ll send one of our own local reporters.

Providing the full gamut of services in your hometown and around the world.
All the services you require, including real-time, same-day rough and rush transcripts, are available wherever you need them. Your out-of-town transcript comes directly from the reporter to our production team who then scans and prepares your bundles for delivery. Connor Reporting uses, the fastest online document delivery process available. Regardless of who or where, your deposition will be sent bound in the premium Connor binder and via email with one-click access. Exhibits are bundled with your transcript at no extra charge.

Clients all over the globe rely on Connor Reporting for the following services:

  • Certified Court Reporters and Videographers
  • 24 Hour On-Call Service
  • HD Videoconferencing
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Global Conference Rooms
  • Remote Depositions and Live Streaming
  • Secure Online Repository
  • PDF Bundled Electronic Transcripts
  • Complex Case and Document Management
  • Foreign Language Services: Interpreting and Translation
  • Courtroom Presentation and Preparation
  • Expedited Transcripts
  • Demonstrative Evidence

More about videoconferencing depositions?
Enjoy the comfort of your office or ours while deposing witnesses all over the world. Connor Reporting has three in-house video conference suites and can create a remote access anywhere the internet exists — which is nearly anywhere in the world. Connor Reporting will establish a video conference feed and provide reporters to transcribe your deposition, resulting in a cost-effective certified transcript. Depositions via video conference save all parties valuable time and money.

How far have we traveled?
Our solid relationships and transcript management can be instrumental in the success of your deposition anywhere around the globe. Connor Reporting has experience reporting depositions in State and Federal courts in:

  • All 50 states
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Cuba
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Puerto Rico

Schedule a court reporter, videographer, or other services anytime, anywhere.

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