You often hear entrepreneurs, business gurus and consultants talk of the importance of ethics and integrity in the workplace. While this topic is regularly touched on in professional circles, court reporters don’t as often hear these topics discussed. While it’s important for everyone to work with ethics and integrity in mind, it’s especially true for court reporters.


Why are Ethics and Integrity Important for Court Reporters

Court reporters must always act ethically and with integrity. The importance of the work that court reporters do cannot be understated. Unethical or dishonest court reporting can have major ramifications down the road both for the court reporter and the record itself. A court reporter’s ethics, or system of moral values, must guide them as they go about their work.

We’ve often discussed the integrity of the record. It must be truthful and accurate, and the best way for a court reporter to record that is to lead a professional life that’s guided by strong ethics and a good moral code. A high level of integrity will only serve to benefit you as you navigate your career in the court reporting industry.


How Ethics and Integrity Transfer Beyond Your Immediate Duties

When you practice integrity and strong ethics regularly, you build character. This will transfer to other areas of business and life. Integrity can go a long way towards improving your career and enhancing your life. It’s the hallmark of a successful, well-rounded and level-headed person.

As important as it is in the professional world, integrity and ethical treatment of others is often overlooked by many organizations and high-level professionals. Instead of working with integrity over the long term, some professionals chase the short goals and make ethical sacrifices that can burn them in the future.

At Connor Reporting, we strive to treat our clients, employees and colleagues with the integrity they deserve. We will never sacrifice our ethics in pursuit of short-term gains. We got into the court reporting business to provide excellent and honest service to our customers, and we always will.

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