Digital Video Synchronized with Transcript

Connor Reporting can help you create a lasting impression with your judge or jury by creating a digital video synchronized with a transcript. Our video team empowers you to bring sight, sound, and motion to the courtroom to bring your case to life.

Keyword text search
With Connor Reporting’s capabilities, videos are equipped with keyword text search. This allows for fast viewing, as it is able to jump directly to specific video segments with those keywords.

Easy cuing
With our text synchronization, attorneys can easily cue specific parts of the video deposition. With any video you receive from Connor Reporting, it will come with full playback capabilities for the courtroom.

Easy Creation and Export of Video Clips
At Connor Reporting, we have vast experience with tech heavy cases. With the use of our software, our video team will easily create video clips that can include synchronized text. These clips can be exported into any format you wish and emailed. Let Connor Reporting do the heavy video lifting for your next case.

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