Every facet of work at a certified court reporting agency comes with its own excitements and challenges. From taking depositions, to attending conferences and conventions, to working on high profile cases (and whether we’re at home in Indianapolis or traveling across the nation) there’s never a dull day on the job. But for Connor Reporting, fostering lasting, productive relationships with clients is the foundation of the business and the most important aspect of the job.

As Andrew Connor, Vice President of Connor Reporting, stated, “Our work is really all about making peoples’ jobs easier and about these great working relationships we’ve established. Our job is not simply taking depositions, but rather working closely with our clients to understand their wants and needs, and tailoring our services to them in a way that is most useful. Our clients have come to expect great service from us, and it’s our duty to consistently exceed their expectations, whether it be covering a last-minute assignment or working before/after business hours to help them meet a deadline. We really hang our hat on our dedication to serving our clients, and going the extra mile really pays off when you get great feedback like this.”

Happily, many of our clients seem to feel the same way. A few of our most valued, long-term partners have kindly written testimonials evaluating their experience with Connor Reporting.

We’re so thankful for the many kind words from our clients, we’re proud to have so many wonderful working relationships, and we look forward to continuing these relationships in the future! Here’s what they had to say:


I graduated from IU and IU Indianapolis Law School with John Connor, the son of the founder of Connor Reporting. When I began practicing law in 1978, I believe the name of the company was John Connor & Associates (“Connor”). Since 1978, Connor has always been our reporting company of choice because of its consistently high quality work product and its professional and responsive service.

“In 1985, when Riley Bennett & Egloff, LLP moved into One American Square, we were fortunate to share the 18th floor with Connor. Connor not only continued to be our court reporters of choice, but they were excellent neighbors and the proximity strengthened our personal relationships. As the years flew by, Connor continued to exceed our expectations by pioneering and demonstrating the latest new technology and teaching us how to integrate it into our practice. It started simply, with condensed and then electronic transcripts. The constant innovation continued and in 2007 select clips from a video deposition I took presented by Jim Connor in Federal Court using the Visionary program resulted in a prompt and highly favorable settlement for one of our larger clients.

“We are grateful for our long-term business relationship with Connor and for the very comfortable personal and professional relationships we have developed with its personnel along the way. Our firm considers Connor as a valuable litigation partner.

Bryce H. Bennett, Jr.
Answers, Advice & AdvocacySM
141 East Washington Street | Fourth Floor
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

“I have had the pleasure of working with Connor Reporting for almost twenty-five years.  They are unfailingly responsive, prompt and accurate.  When expedited discovery arises, Connor knows the drill and is up to the task.  I have also relied on Connor to arrange for court reporters out of state when the need arises.  They always find top-notch court reporters and deliver excellent results.  I congratulate Connor on their continued success and look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

Adam Arceneaux
One American Square
Suite 2900
Indianapolis, IN  46282-0200

“I first came to know Connor Reporting in 1978.  Since that time Connor has been my ‘go to’ court reporting service.  Connor doesn’t need kudos; it has earned an excellent reputation through decades of service to the Indiana Bar and lawyers across the nation.  I will say this: Connor has never let me down, never left me in a lurch and has saved me from the disaster of a botched calendar when I was sitting with opposing counsel and witness with no reporter…

“Plus, they have dragged me kicking and screaming into the world of 21st Century technology.  If you’ve read or heard about some ‘cutting edge’ or exotic technology advance, Connor already has it up and running.  

“I have ‘grown up’ in the practice with Connor, and have watched the Firm, and its staff, grow along with me.  (I don’t know how they ever put up with my ‘eager beaver’ start out of the gate.) And their cookies ain’t bad either.”

Gary Price
One American Sq
Suite 2300
Indianapolis, IN 46282

“I have been working with Connor Reporting for about four years. My experience with Connor Reporting has been tremendous.  The value of the service they provide is second to none.  Connor Reporting clearly recognizes the competitive industry they are in, and they go well beyond the extra mile to ensure their firm stands above the rest. Connor Reporting is obsessed with serving their clients. When scheduling and conducting a deposition with them, it is apparent that their aim is to allow the attorneys to focus solely on the deposition, rather than on the logistical aspects of the event. Connor Reporting exceeds any other court reporting services I have used.”

Ian Goodman
ISTA Center
150 W Market St # 800
Indianapolis, IN 46204

“Connor Reporting is an invaluable resource. Andrew and his team are responsive, knowledgeable, and eager to help. I recommend Connor Reporting to anyone who needs help scheduling a deposition anywhere in the United States. Connor makes my professional life easier; I have no qualms about directing others to them.”

Lyndsay Sutton
Paralegal/Legal Assistant
Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP
425 Walnut Street, Suite 1800
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-3957

“I have been a legal secretary for over 18 years.  During those 18 years I have used many different court reporting agencies.  I don’t recall the specific date or year that I began using Connor Reporting; however, I will tell you that Connor Reporting is at the top of my list for court reporters.  They have gone above and beyond on many occasions to find a location for an out-of-state deposition that had to be scheduled.  In addition, they have always been willing to travel wherever a deposition may be scheduled to take place.  They are always very friendly and go above and beyond, no matter whom I may be speaking with.  The turn-around for depositions is second to none. 

“I recently had to call a different court reporting company and inquire as to where our deposition transcript was/when it would be forthcoming and was told that the deposition had been out sourced to another company.  This was troubling to me.  I then had to obtain a phone number and contact another company to find out where the deposition transcript was.  We were not made aware that this had been done. 

“In my mind, Connor Reporting would compare to a small, hometown friendly business with big city capabilities.  You can’t go wrong using Connor Reporting.”   

Mickie Reeser
Secretary to Andrew B. Miller and Jacob M. O’Brien
Starr Austen & Miller, LLP
201 South Third Street
Logansport, IN 46947

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