If you’re in Indianapolis and need court reporting services – be it for document management, video services, or court reporting – you can count on Connor to provide you with the reporting services you need when you need them. Connor is an industry leader providing years litigation support solutions backed by years of experience and state of the art resources. 

Court Reporting

Connor can provide real-time professional court reporting as you need it. Trained and certified expert stenographers are available for trials, depositions, hearings, press conferences, meetings, arbitrations, and conventions. They have the technical experience to cover many types of litigation, including: medical, automobile, patent, real estate, asbestos, insurance, construction, and even product liability.

You are free to monitor their transcriptions as they are typed live or via the web. Real-time links can be provided for depositions, and after any service, you’ll receive a full transcript instantly in your inbox. These court reporters use top of the line trusted support software, including Bridge, CaseView, LiveNote, RealLegal, Summation, and Visionary LiveFeed.

Video Services

You can hire Connor’s in-house Certified Legal Video Specialists, who are backed by the National Court Reporters Association, to meet your legal video needs. They can synchronize transcripts to existing or new digital footage. They are available for video depositions, day-in-the-life videography, and digital video transcript synchronization, including for exhibits for side-by-side viewing. 

Once completed, your synchronized bundle will then be transferred to DVD so you can have a hard copy for your records. Having a synchronized video allows you to easily create and export video clips. It also gives you the capability to have full control over video playback for the courtroom, and easily search for a specific clip for fast viewing via keyword text searches.

Video Conferencing

If you need access to high-definition video conferencing amenities, Connor can help. They have private, conference rooms that make it easy for you to hold face-to-face meetings with witnesses, clients, and deponents at any time. The rooms have a convenient downtown location, offer flexible scheduling and coordination, and offer mobile video conferencing for remote locations.

Connor’s facilities offer both ISDN and IP video conferencing, which are perfect for law firms and businesses alike. They offer many networks, as well as large flat-screen TVs in each room with split-screen capabilities so you can view participants and documents at the same time for easier and more efficient meetings.

The downtown Indianapolis rooms are spacious and comfortable and offer beautiful views of the surrounding downtown area. Each of the rooms offers varying amenities, including Cisco video conference systems, Barco ClickShare systems, Polycom teleconference hardware, and hardwired Steelcase Multimedia tabletop access.

Document Management

With Connor, you have access to a variety of resources to help you manage all of your pertinent documents. They have a built-in online office suite, a document scanning service, and give you access to their RealLegal Publisher and Visionary software bundle. With these, you can easily prepare, organize, export, and access your courtroom documents whenever you need.

With Connor’s Online Office Suite, you can access all of your active and past case information digitally, wherever you are, 24/7. It is easy to use, and doesn’t require you to purchase or download any software in order to use it. The suite is secure via ID and password protection. Within the suite, you can access transcripts and exhibits, schedule depositions, review invoicing and balances, archive data, and manage current and past calendars.

Connor also has professional experts available to scan, Bates stamp, and organize your documents. You can digitize your boxes of papers and files, and see them turned into a user-friendly searchable database using case management software like Visionary, Summation, LiveNote, and RealLegal.

RealLegal and Visionary bundles can merge your transcripts, exhibits, and synchronized videos into a single CD or DVD. This makes it easy for you to search for words, phrases, or clips whenever you need. By default, these are hyperlinked as well, and are compatible with most litigation management software.

Certified Technology

Connor Reporting relies on the best technology to help it help you succeed. With assets like Visionary Certified technology for all courtroom presentations, you can have access to your files and other notes, giving you a smooth courtroom experience. They can take care of your technical preparation needs, including documents, exhibits, photos, and video clips, getting them all ready and easy to use for your upcoming trial. 

About Connor Reporting

Connor Reporting is a leading court reporting firm based in the United States, with offices in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Connor is backed by extensive experience, and the leading innovative litigation support solutions for your courtroom needs worldwide. They are board members of the National Court Reporting Association, and are happy to provide you with the full gamut of services around the world as well as in your hometown, whenever you need them.

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