Any attorney can confirm that as a case grows more complex or prolonged the associated expenses accumulate, and costs tend to rise at an alarming rate. These increasing demands of money, time and effort are not ideal, to say the least. Fortunately, technological advances offer a solution to this problem. Video conferencing services help to eliminate unnecessary expenses and keep overall costs down for your firm.

In certain scenarios, you may need to depose witnesses who are out of state and unable to travel to your offices. You may need to conduct a deposition or conference involving several individuals all in different locations. You may need to consult with other attorneys who are traveling and unable to attend crucial meetings. In each of these situations, without video conferencing technology, you would choose the most central location and undertake all the inconveniences and costs of travel, alongside your court reporter. This includes the cost of airfare, rental vehicles, gas, lodging and food. These expenses add up quickly.

Video conferencing eliminates those travel costs and stresses. Through live, HD video, you can communicate with witnesses and colleagues from the comfort of your local office, without compromising the experience and nuances of face-to-face conversation. Save yourself the headaches of extensive travel and improve the efficiency and productivity of your firm with video conferencing technology. Your budget will thank you.

Connor Reporting provides private, high-definition video conferencing for convenient and cost-effective face-to-face meetings with deponents, clients and witnesses.

Our Indianapolis headquarters boasts impressive video conferencing suites: three spacious rooms with excellent views of downtown, state-of-the-art equipment and flat-screen HDTVs that provide crystal clear audio-visual presentation. Connor also accommodates high-quality video conferencing in remote locations using laptops, webcams and our extensive national and global networks.

Whether you are in your office, our comfortable suites or anywhere around the world, Connor Reporting is the solution to all your video conferencing needs. Click here to schedule a video conference today.

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