My name is Greg Gramelspacher, I’m the production manager, and I started here in September of 2015 as a production assistant and, over the last 6 months, as the production manager. I’m virtually responsible for overseeing the entire process from when the files come in — and when reporter’s products come in — to completion, when they are sent out to clients.

I went to IU Bloomington and studied economics. I graduated in 2014. I stayed in Bloomington for a year after graduation and worked at a gym down there. I moved to Indianapolis the following summer in July and, subsequently, started working here in September.

There are a lot of things I enjoy about working at Connor. One of the main aspects that I like about working here is the team environment and working with a small group of people who you’re familiar with and know well and can work well with.

My main hobbies include playing guitar and lifting weights. I spend a lot of time at the gym so any activity that revolves around, specifically, olympic weightlifting. Those are probably my two outlets for fun and stress relief.

We’re located downtown in a very contemporary office. It’s great coming to work everyday when you have a beautiful office to sit in.

I was born and raised in Indianapolis, and I’m pretty familiar with the city. However, one of the things that has been very beneficial about working at Connor is getting more familiar with the downtown area and kind of discovering an entirely new city that I didn’t know about before.

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