Having a court reporter is a necessity. It’s important to find a court reporter that’s accurate, fast, reliable, organized, and friendly. It can take some time to find a person who has all of these qualities and works well with you. What do you do if you have to hire a court reporter quickly, though? In some cases, you may not be able to work with your regular court reporter. When that happens, you’ll need to find someone else and usually quickly. Here are some tips for helping you find a quality court reporter.

Go With a Referral

If you’re unsure of who to turn to at the last minute for court reporting needs, ask some people you trust. Talk to colleagues and other professionals to see who they use or would recommend. This is a great way to find a court reporting resource that you might not find otherwise. Using your professional network is also an excellent way of identifying services you never want to use. Chances are, if a professional you trust had a bad experience, you could too.

Focus on qualifications and work experience

When searching for a court reporter at the last minute, you don’t have a lot of time to deliberate on candidates. This means you need to focus on concrete information about court reporters. This is where qualifications, work experience, and industry accolades can come into play. While this information can’t guarantee quality work, it’s a good indication that the court reporter you’re considering will do a satisfactory job.

Start with a state’s mandated licensing credentials. If you’re working in a state that doesn’t have legislatively mandated licensing procedures, turn to the education and experience that the court reporter does have. If the candidate attended an NCRA-approved institution, has several years worth of experience under his or her belt and has taken continuing education courses recently, then you can probably move forward without any worries.

Work with a well-respected court reporting company

When all else fails, go with a company that is well-known and well-respected. Finding a professional and qualified court reporter at the last minute can be tough. Connor Reporting can make it easy. We have the capacity to handle your court reporting needs. Whether you need a verbatim record or real-time text display, we have the experienced, certified professionals that can deliver accurate, on-time transcripts even if you have to schedule at the last minute.

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