Easter is just around the corner, and if you’ve got little ones, you may be looking for fun and entertaining gift ideas for Easter baskets that aren’t candy or otherwise sugar-laden. Though everyone likes a little candy on Easter, too much is … well, too much, and it’s always good to encourage healthy eating habits in our kids.

Not to worry—the following lists of items contain Easter basket stuffer ideas for kids up to age 10, and there’s sure to be something your child or children will love.

For Babies

  • A brightly colored pacifier, rattle (perhaps egg shaped?), or teether makes an excellent addition to baby’s Easter basket
  • Board books about the holiday are easy to find in bookstores and through online retailers
  • Traditional gifts like brightly painted wooden eggs or stuffed bunnies are a classic!
  • A festive spring-themed blanket or onesie is just the thing to help baby express his or her Easter enthusiasm

For Toddlers

  • Tactile sensory balls in primary colors help celebrate the spirit of the season while also helping your toddler with tactile exploration and hand strength.
  • Bubbles—the perfect thing for a mild spring day outdoors.
  • Finger paints are a great addition to an Easter basket, and can be used by your toddler (with a little help from a grownup) to capture his or her interpretation of the holiday
  • After bubbles and finger paints, it might be bath time—and a festive bath toy Easter basket stuffer might come in handy here (and is sure to delight your toddler).

For Children 3 to 7 years of age

  • Play-doh makes a great basket stuffer. Kids can even sculpt Easter bunnies and make their own colored eggs by combining the different colors of modeling clay.
  • Sidewalk chalk is a fantastic non-candy alternative and will give your children hours of fun (and can be rinsed away easily with water)
  • Like sidewalk chalk, a set of watercolors is a great Easter basket addition, and will give your budding artist a chance to paint in the gentle pastel colors of spring.
  • Children love to paint and draw, and keeping with that theme, larger crayons (which are easier for children in this age group to grasp and control) make an excellent non-candy alternative.

For Children 7 to 10 years of age

  • Mad Libs are a huge hit with kids in this age group, and the giggles they’ll get will be infectious if you play along.
  • Brightly colored sculpting putty or slime is sure to be a big hit, and is available in egg-shaped containers that will fit right in.
  • A more advanced art set containing markers, paints, and colored pencils could be just the thing for any budding artists, and allow your children to continue to develop their artistic abilities.

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