Despite technological advancements in automated voice-to-text programming and software, court reporting remains a necessary, human element in court proceedings, but the inability to find certified professionals to fulfill this role has, recently, become alarming.

Though a report commissioned by the NCRA in 2013 warned of a shortage of certified court reporters in the following five-year span, there still remains a problem in 2020 of filling these vital positions in today’s judicial system—including in the Indianapolis metro area.

Why Indianapolis?

As Indianapolis continues to grow into a major, competitive American city—garnishing interest from global companies like Salesforce, Eli Lilly and Company and Cummins—it requires additional talent in fields across the board, including court reporting.

 This, in addition to a national shortage of court reporters, makes Indianapolis a prime location for court reporting jobs and opportunities.

 Growing fields in Indianapolis in recent years include professional sports, medicine, business, and media—which all depend on human court reporters to cover complex court proceedings.

 Technology developments in court reporting had, at one point, been the missing piece to replace the need for court reporters, but now human dependability is required for these clients in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. 

Benefits for Indianapolis Court Reporters

A shortage of court reporters, high-profile clients and businesses, promising growth opportunities—the field is open for new court reporters in Indianapolis.

Now is the time to establish relationships and experience in the field, and Indianapolis offers ample proving ground. Opportunities are currently abundant, so take advantage. For those wanting to start immediately, Indiana does not currently require certification from its court reporters. Start now to establish an avenue for a career in the field.

Indianapolis remains an affordable living area with the opportunity for professional development. (Housing prices are far lower than other competitive cities while offering many similar attractions including schooling, entertainment, and public transportation). This makes a great place to live and work. 

Avenues for New Recruits

Court reporting companies have established themselves in locations like Indianapolis to offer resources to those in need of reporting, and these businesses are on the look-out for talent to join their teams. Two organizations you should become familiar with are the National Verbatim Reporters Association (NCRA) and the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT).

 While Indiana has some accredited schools for court reporting, new recruits can also receive the basic training requirements from a host of providers. Because Indiana does not require NCRA certification, learning the skills and basics of court reporting could still allow you to be competitive in Indianapolis’ market.

 Many of the court reporting companies in the area also extend their reach into larger cities across the country, and Indianapolis can be a great starting point for a court reporter before moving on to bigger challenges. But while Indianapolis remains an area ripe with potential, any court reporter would be glad to begin their work here. 

If you have any questions about becoming a court reporter or are looking for a court reporter to hire, at Connor Reporting a Veritext Company we can help you out.

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