If you asked most paralegals or attorneys involved in litigation who their go-to court reporting firm is in Indiana, they would be able to give you a quick answer.  If you asked those same people who they would use for depositions in Auburn, AL or Missoula, MT, most would not have a clue without doing an internet search.  The problem with simply Googling “court reporter in Newark, NJ” and calling the first listing is you have no idea who is going to show up.  More than likely you aren’t going to know in advance what that reporter’s credentials are: whether they can do realtime or provide a rough draft, whether they can produce a final transcript on an expedited basis, etc.

If most of your deposition work is in Indiana, you might not have any reason to be concerned about playing “court reporter roulette” for your next out of town deposition. However, at Connor Reporting, we’ve heard countless horror stories from clients about the one deposition they took out in Oregon where the court reporter wasn’t wearing any shoes when they walked in, or about the reporter they worked with in Georgia that talked into a mask instead of using a steno machine.  This might all be fine and good (and possibly even a little entertaining) if the deposition is of little importance. But if you’re taking time away from family and your normal day-to-day life, you likely want to make sure that you’re provided with the same high level of service that you’re used to back home. This begs the question: Why leave anything to chance?  This is where we come in…

The concept “work smarter, not harder” has been around since the 1930’s when Allan F. Mogensen, creator of work simplification, coined the phrase.  At Connor Reporting, we have fully embraced this ideology and have dedicated ourselves to making your work lives just a little bit easier.  Scheduling all of your depositions with Connor Reporting — whether it be locally or across the country — helps you stay organized. You have just one number to call for all your litigation support needs.  Centralizing your deposition portfolio will simplify scheduling processes and procedures, streamline workflow, decrease scheduling headaches, increase organization and ultimately improve your work/life balance.  

Top Reasons to Centralize your Nationwide Scheduling with Connor Reporting


  • Network of Certified Reporters and Videographers – We have been in business for over 50 years and have built up an impressive group of affiliate reporters all over the country.  Each year we attend several industry specific conventions in order to meet and vet the court reporters that we work with across the country.  We go to this expense to ensure that our clients are in great hands when they venture outside of Indiana for work.  You’ll never have to worry again about who is going to show up for your next deposition or what level of service they will provide.
  • Time Savings – It doesn’t take a long time to do an online search for a court reporter in whatever city your next upcoming deposition will take place.  But rather than calling some random firm you’ve never worked with before, why not upload the notice using our 30-second scheduling tool and let us take care of all the communication with our affiliate across the country?  It will save you time before and after the deposition, guaranteed.    
  • Cost Containment –  The costs associated with court reporting vary pretty drastically depending on what market you’re in.  We have rate agreements in place with all of our affiliates. This ensures you get all the added convenience that we provide without having to pay anything over and above the local market rate.  
  • Online Repository – Complex litigation is often a very long process that can go on for years.  You’ll never have to worry about tracking down the reporter who took your expert’s deposition 10 years ago because all of your files are securely stored in our repository.  Preparing for a trial is made infinitely easier when all your files are in the same place.
  • Finding Free Locations – Just as we have a large network of reporters, we have an even larger network of free conference rooms.  We have affiliate offices in every major US city that are available at no charge.  If you are in need of a conference room, give us a call; we will be happy to make those arrangements for you.
  • Finding Other Locations – In 2016, we booked over 250 hotel conference rooms for clients in 39 states.  We’ve gotten really good at this.  Why would you want to take the time to book a conference room at a hotel when we can take care of this for you?  Our team always attempts to negotiate the price, ensures that there is wi-fi available (as well as anything else that might be needed for a deposition), fills out the necessary paperwork and pays for the conference room in advance.  
  • No COD Transcripts and Videos – Chances are, if you’ve taken a deposition out of state, you’ve been required to pay your invoice before receiving your transcript or video.  This can be extremely frustrating and can create a logistical problem if you’re having your client or someone else pay the invoice.  You’ll no longer need to worry about this when you schedule out of state depositions with Connor.
  • Familiarity of Preferences – When you use Connor for all your scheduling needs, you’ll become familiar with us, and we’ll become familiar with you.  This means we’ll already know that you only need an electronic copy of the transcript; or that you prefer to mark the exhibits instead of having the reporter marking them; or that you want all invoices to be sent to a certain email address.  Every time you schedule with a different firm you’ll have to give these special instructions, which may or may not be observed.  If you work with us on a regular basis, we will update your client profile with special instructions/preferences that our entire team can see and use to make sure you have a great experience.









At Connor, we want to save you from the costs, complications and frustrations of out-of-state court reporting and provide you with consistent, high-quality work — regardless of where your next deposition is located.  Let us alleviate all of your scheduling headaches so that you never have to work with a shoeless court reporter again.

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