Connor Reporting provides realtime court reporting via our Certified Realtime Reporters, combining professionalism and the technology of the leading litigation support software, including:

Connor Reporting utilizes Bridge to digitally transfer our court reporters’ realtime text feed to an attorney’s device (computer, tablet, etc). This allows lawyers to visually follow a witness’ testimony, which can be designated and annotated. We utilize Bridge via the Internet, deposition rooms, and everywhere in between, worldwide.

Connor Reporting writes realtime testimony into CaseViewNet software, which allows it to appear on digital devices.

Case Notebook
Connor Reporting utilizes Case Notebook to centrally store electronic case files. Not only does it organize our information, it offers analysis. With Case Notebook, we are easily able to collaborate on cases and share important information like documents, research, pleadings, and transcripts.

Summation is a web-based tool that Connor Reporting uses for transcript management, case organization, early case assessment, data processing, and image ingestion. Summation collects data for all stages of discovery processes and allows desktop review.

Visionary Live Feed
At Connor Reporting, we are fluent in LiveFeed Direct, which allows reporters to provide live feed transcription. It can automatically highlight predetermined key words and tailor topic lists to fit individual cases. Transcripts are easy to read back and search. After an event, transcripts with highlights and notes are imported into Visionary.

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