Originally from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, I became a “Hoosier” in 1972 at the invitation of Anton (Tony) Hulman, Jr.  After having worked on Mr. Hulman’s yacht based out of Florida, he generously offered me the opportunity to come to Indiana to work in radio and television stations in Terre Haute. My experience in broadcasting there consisted of doing radio DJ work and all phases of directing and/or producing local TV shows, newscasts, commercials, and program promotions.

My work in radio and television afforded the opportunity to work closely with the local chapter of the American Cancer Society doing video promotions, and in 1978 I left broadcasting to work with the ACS full time in a leadership capacity.  That led to a career in healthcare industry that has spanned over thirty years, working with the National Kidney Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Association, and Innovative Health System.  During that time I was seldom without a video camera in hand to record the many events that we conducted and the faithful and hardworking volunteers that made it all possible.

In 2009, while recuperating from surgery, I rediscovered my passion for doing video work and realized that I wanted to be more “focused” on it as a livelihood. I formed my new company, Reel Good Digital Videography, and our work has been diverse, from commercial productions to music videos; instructional videos to lectures, conferences and seminars; concert and recital performances to weddings; and beyond!

Several years ago, an attorney friend asked if I had ever considered doing court deposition videos (I had not) and referred me to Connor Reporting. I’m glad he did. The Connor Agency prides itself on providing excellent service, and their long history of success speaks to the professionalism of the work that is expected from the members of their team.  I find doing deposition work fascinating and satisfying, with each case being unique and requiring full attention to its own set of details. I am glad to be a videographer on the Connor Reporting team.

My wife Sue and I are residents of the Indianapolis northeast side, and are the proud grandparents of six.

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