I was drawn to this profession after a conversation with an old family friend who was a pen writer working as an official and typed his transcripts on a manual typewriter. Struggling to pick a major in college and after recently getting married, he asked if I’d ever played the piano and had strong English skills.  After answering affirmatively to both those questions, on his recommendation I attended court reporting school at the American Institute of Business in Des Moines, Iowa. Upon graduation, we relocated to Indianapolis, and I started with John E. Connor & Associates in 1978.  Jim Connor and I took over the firm in 1985, and I enjoyed the challenges of running and growing a business, interacting with clients and reporters, networking, as well as being a working court reporter and videographer.

Craig-WilliamsOver my career I’ve had the opportunity to travel extensively with our convention business, reporting world leaders, dignitaries and U.S. presidents.  I’ve worked high profile product liability trials.  One of my more memorable experiences was taking Michael Jackson’s deposition.

Over the past four years, I still enjoy court reporting, although on more of a part-time basis. We’re enjoying spending time with family and grandchildren in Fort Collins and Carmel.  Traveling has always been a passion, along with golfing, wine, bicycling and snow skiing. After downsizing recently to an “urban” lake we cherish our bald eagle and loon sightings, kayaking, fishing and pontooning.

Promoting and embracing new technology in the field of court reporting has always been a firm priority, and it’s what continues to make this profession viable, interesting and rewarding. I appreciate discovering this somewhat obscure field, along with all the incredible experiences and friendships along the way.

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