My father, John Nixon, PE, works as an expert witness in the field of aeronautics.  So when I demonstrated an interest after the local court reporting college came to visit my high school, he was on board.  In 1991, I started working in Memphis, Tennessee, and was fortunate to work with reporters who were highly skilled and excited to pass along their wisdom to a young reporter.  In Tennessee, there were no official reporters in the court system.  So when our clients were headed to court, we went with them.  I am grateful for this time in my career for the opportunity to work with a case from deposition to trial.  It gave me insight into what happens to my transcript after it leaves my hands.

After marrying my husband, Mike, in 1993, we were eager to get back to our home state of Texas.  In 2003, Mike’s job moved us Carmel, Indiana.  With four children under the age of six, I was able to take a few years off and enjoy being a stay-at-home mom while teaching fitness classes for a little brain break.  When my youngest started kindergarten, I was ready to step back into my career.  And what a great time it was to do so!  The internet had come along, which meant working from home was now an option.  And I could Google the drug name that sounds like “Dom Pérignon,” but is actually domperidone.

I absolutely love working for Connor Reporting. I appreciate that I get to hear the stories of people I may not meet in my day-to-day life, whether it’s a father convicted of triple murder or a professional football player seeking compensation for the use of his image in a video game.  The clients for whom we work are the best in their field.  I am never bored when I’m writing.  Each day is another opportunity to be better.  For me, that means providing a rough draft and/or realtime streaming that shares a close resemblance to the final certified transcript, making it a tool our clients can utilize immediately.

When I’m not working, it’s all about family.  Mike and I currently have two sons marching in the four-time national champion Carmel Marching Greyhounds.  I serve the band as a member of the executive board, car wash chair, head spirit mom, chaperone, as well as coordinating the middle school program, Carmel Drum Club.  My oldest son, who began his own mowing business when he was nine years old, is a freshman at Indiana University, majoring in finance.  My favorite daughter is a junior majoring in economics at St. Louis University and has set her sights on law school.  All those stories of my depositions over the years must have been inspiring!

Outside of being a wife and mom, I’ve completed four half marathons and enjoy running.  I can write really fast talkers, but I run slower than Internet Explorer on ‘90s dial-up.  But to this Texas gal, for three seasons, Indiana is an absolutely beautiful place, and I try to soak it up as often as I can.

Amy Doman, RPR, CRR, CSR

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