There’s a common misconception that if one party hires a particular court reporting firm for depositions in a case, the opposing party should use a different reporting firm for their depositions. We hear this all the time and it couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, in many cases, especially cases that are document intensive or cases with depositions in different cities, it makes more sense for all parties to use the same firm. Doing this can alleviate scheduling headaches, improve logistics, and decrease inefficiencies. Here’s a look at five major advantages of centralizing a case with one court reporting firm.


Trusting your local court reporting firm to schedule for you across the country is a benefit that cannot be understated. When the scheduling of depositions is centralized, everyone is kept in the loop.

We’re able to send scheduling confirmations to all parties involved no matter who the ordering party is or where the deposition takes place. That way everyone is on the same page. When depositions happen out of state this becomes even more valuable.

If something urgent comes up before, during, or right after a deposition, you want to be able to talk to someone you are familiar with and someone you have confidence in to get the job done. Randomly choosing a firm off the internet is a risky proposition, especially when you have not worked with them before and don’t know what level of service you can expect.

We have an outstanding network of trusted affiliates throughout the country who have been professionally vetted to ensure our clients get the same high level of service anywhere in the country.

Repository Access

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of your documents from a case in one place? At Connor, we upload everything onto our secure online repository so that you have access to all transcripts, exhibits, errata sheets, and invoices 24/7/365.

If all parties use the same firm, the documents are all housed in the same place. This saves paralegals and legal assistants an unbelievable amount of time when it comes time to prepare for trial. No time is spent trying to figure out which court reporting firm covered a deposition several years ago or where transcript files are. Everything is right at your fingertips.

Standardized Orders/Distribution

The standardizing of transcript orders and distribution makes everyone’s life a little easier. Imagine receiving deposition transcripts in the exact format you need them in, on time, every time.

When managing a case for all parties involved, Connor will reach out to each party and find out exactly what they need and when they need it.

We will also find out who is working on the case within each firm and copy those people on the transcript distribution so everyone who needs the files gets them at the same time. All transcripts will have the same look and be accessed the same way.

Exhibit Binders

No one wants to walk into a deposition lugging 10 banker’s boxes of exhibits behind them. Let Connor do that for you. When all depositions in a case are scheduled with our firm, we will gladly create exhibit binders that are brought to every deposition.

When depositions are held out of state, we will send the binders to our affiliate firms so that our clients still have access to exhibits regardless of the location. Once a deposition is finished, we update the binders with the new exhibits that were marked and distribute electronic copies to everyone on the distribution list. That way you will always have access to the exhibits whenever you need them.

Familiarity with Reporter

It’s nice working with people you know. When we begin to manage a case with several depositions, we always strive to put the same reporter on the case until it is completed. That way you get familiar with the court reporter and the reporter gets familiar with the case.

At Connor Reporting we want to get to know you and work with you for years to come. Our court reporters are highly skilled and ready to serve your reporting needs.  Contact us today to schedule your next deposition.

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