Keys to Successful Video Conferencing with Your Court Reporting Agency

As technology advances, so does our ability to connect remotely. One of the best, and most popular, uses of technology is video conferencing. Although many of us enjoy video conferencing for personal chats, it can also be a very effective tool in court. Save the time and money of long travels by connecting via video conferencing instead. Through our experience at Connor Reporting, we offer some tips and protocols to follow when using video conferencing.  (more…)

Five Fast Facts About the Indy 500

Everybody’s heard about the Indianapolis 500, and you are probably excited for the upcoming event, but how much do we actually know about it? There are plenty of stories and fun facts to tell about the Indy 500, and those listed here are just a handful!  (more…)

Connor Employee Spotlight-Diane Zeyen, RPR

It was the end of my sophomore year at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (SIU), and I was going home for the summer. I was still struggling with what I really wanted to do in life, but since I had to select classes for the next semester, I chose accounting.  (more…)

March Madness: More than a Betting Pool

March Madness isn’t just about college basketball and brackets. It’s a cultural phenomenon that involves millions of people betting on their ability to predict the outcome of every NCAA game in the March Madness tournaments, usually through small-stakes betting pools set up in their offices. It doesn’t require an encyclopedic knowledge of players’ personal statistics, the teams involved, or even—surprisingly—the sport itself. One of the running jokes of March Madness lore is that the office bracket pool winner is, often enough, the person in the office who knows the least about college basketball.


Easter Basket Stuffers Your Kids Will Love

Easter is just around the corner, and if you’ve got little ones, you may be looking for fun and entertaining gift ideas for Easter baskets that aren’t candy or otherwise sugar-laden. Though everyone likes a little candy on Easter, too much is … well, too much, and it’s always good to encourage healthy eating habits in our kids.

Not to worry—the following lists of items contain Easter basket stuffer ideas for kids up to age 10, and there’s sure to be something your child or children will love.


Connor Employee Spotlight-Craig Williams, RPR, CMRS, CLVS, RSA

I was drawn to this profession after a conversation with an old family friend who was a pen writer working as an official and typed his transcripts on a manual typewriter. Struggling to pick a major in college and after recently getting married, he asked if I’d ever played the piano and had strong English skills.  (more…)

Indiana Rules of Trial Procedures

The Indiana Rules of Trial Procedures are the rules that govern the procedure and practice of every courtroom in Indiana. These guidelines help ensure a fair and speedy trial in all civil action cases and help promote justice across the state. That way, there are no differences within different cities or counties in the state of Indiana.


Deposition Space and Temporary Deposition Rooms

A legal deposition is often a sensitive matter, which is why it’s important to choose the right environment. The testimony you acquire can be useful in trial; therefore, you should aim to make all participants comfortable during the deposition process. The ideal meeting rooms for depositions should create an environment where all parties can communicate clearly and professionally. To take a successful deposition, make sure to book a  private facility with first-class amenities. Read on to learn more.  (more…)

A Little Top ‘O Saint Patty’s Day

Every year in March, we don our leprechaun hats, green clothing, and cheers to our heart’s content in celebration of Saint Patrick. This begs a question, however, about what it is everyone’s celebrating. If you’re curious to know more, here’s a bit of history about the holiday.  (more…)

Connor Employee Spotlight-Janine Ferren, Court Reporter

My career as a stenographer was inspired by my father, who was a court reporter in New York. As a child, I had other plans at first. I wanted to be tall (I never quite reached that goal), and I wanted to study music. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in music and performed classical piano at Carnegie Hall three times during college. It was around this time that I realized my passionate desire to follow in my father’s footsteps.  (more…)