Deposition Space and Temporary Deposition Rooms

A legal deposition is often a sensitive matter, which is why it’s important to choose the right environment. The testimony you acquire can be useful in trial; therefore, you should aim to make all participants comfortable during the deposition process. The ideal meeting rooms for depositions should create an environment where all parties can communicate clearly and professionally. To take a successful deposition, make sure to book a  private facility with first-class amenities. Read on to learn more.  (more…)

A Little Top ‘O Saint Patty’s Day

Every year in March, we don our leprechaun hats, green clothing, and cheers to our heart’s content in celebration of Saint Patrick. This begs a question, however, about what it is everyone’s celebrating. If you’re curious to know more, here’s a bit of history about the holiday.  (more…)

Connor Employee Spotlight-Janine Ferren, Court Reporter

My career as a stenographer was inspired by my father, who was a court reporter in New York. As a child, I had other plans at first. I wanted to be tall (I never quite reached that goal), and I wanted to study music. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in music and performed classical piano at Carnegie Hall three times during college. It was around this time that I realized my passionate desire to follow in my father’s footsteps.  (more…)

Fun Facts About Court Reporting

To help celebrate Court Reporting & Captioning Week, the National Court Reporters Association has put together a list of fun facts you may not know about the Court Reporting industry:  (more…)

Connor Employee Spotlight-Lisa Pierce

I’d planned for my career in court reporting to be temporary, sort of a transition job between my first career in the construction industry and whatever was to come next.  And yet here I am, almost 30 years later, still enjoying the continual education and unique experiences that this endeavor affords me.  (more…)

The History of Court Reporters

Throughout the years, court reporting has seen its share of changes. There is no doubt that innovation and technology have helped it evolve, but where did it begin?


Centralizing Court Reporting Needs for an Entire Case

There’s a common misconception that if one party hires a particular court reporting firm for depositions in a case, the opposing party should use a different reporting firm for their depositions. We hear this all the time and it couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, in many cases, especially cases that are document intensive or cases with depositions in different cities, it makes more sense for all parties to use the same firm. Doing this can alleviate scheduling headaches, improve logistics, and decrease inefficiencies. Here’s a look at five major advantages of centralizing a case with one court reporting firm.


Connor Employee Spotlight-Tara Hudson

I was a reporting student at Northern Technical School of Business in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the first time I heard about John E. Connor and Associates.  It was from John Connor’s son, Jim, who was also a student.  While I had my sights set on an officialship, I accepted an invitation to intern in Indianapolis at the Connor firm.  I then returned to school, graduated, and six days later Mr. Connor offered me a position with his firm.  I accepted and began a career that has taught me to strive for excellence and has provided countless opportunities in return.  (more…)

How to Reduce Court Reporter Interruptions

There’s nothing more frustrating than showing up prepped and ready to go for a deposition only to be interrupted repeatedly by a court reporter. Interruptions can disrupt your flow and cause your client to think less of you. It’s a common complaint of many attorneys, and while finding the right court reporter will go a long way towards reducing or eliminating the number of times you’re interrupted, it still may happen.  (more…)

Court Reporters: Freelance vs. Official

Considering the current demand for court reporting services, it’s a great time to be a seasoned stenographer or an enthusiastic beginner looking to break into the industry. As such, Connor Reporting wants to advocate for young reporters and educate them on the many opportunities available for court reporting professionals. In this blog post, we’ll examine the differences between the two types of court reporters: freelance and official.  (more…)