St. Louis is a town that never slows down. Situated along the western bank of the Mississippi, this major port city is built on reliable service. At Connor Reporting, we uphold that tradition by offering factual, efficient court reporting services.

Connor Reporting does not have a physical office in St. Louis, but you don’t need to a corner office by the “Gateway to the West,” to understand this rich, cultural city. Our global reporting services allow us to meet your needs anywhere.

Court Reporting

Whether you have an upcoming deposition, arbitration, or press conference, Connor Reporting is there for you. We utilize real time court reporting via our certified Realtime Reporters. Their combined professionalism and expert knowledge of litigation support software allow our reporters to create accurate transcripts that can be instantly sent via email.

Video Services

Our certified in-house legal video team can synchronize any transcript to new or existing footage. These synchronized videos can be used for extensive keyword text searches for fast viewing and full playback capability in the courtroom. Our team can also create high-quality day-in-the-life videos that fit your needs.

Not only does our team create legal videos, but we also offer video conferencing suites. These private, high-definition video conferencing facilities are a convenient and cost-effective way to complete face-to-face meetings. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide both IP and ISDN video conferences that are ideal for law firms and businesses.

Document Management

While most reporting firms stop their services at court reporting, Connor Reporting goes one step further by offering certified technology and document management.

Our certified technology can prepare your documents, exhibits, and video clips to be presented in the courtroom. We have an entire trial presentation team ready to offer litigation support.

We also offer document management through the Connor Online Office Suite. This is your complimentary online headquarters. The secure online management system lets you and your entire legal team review all your past and current deposition calendars. For security, all these unique services are password-protected.

St. Louis is unlike any other city in the world. Ever since hosting the historical 1904 World’s Fair, the city has maintained a tradition of bringing people of all backgrounds and cultures together. The city is built of a network of professionals offering unparalleled services to Missouri.

At Connor Reporting, we maintain the high standards already set in St. Louis. We have an established network of certified reporters that ensure you receive the best level of service.

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