Choosing a professional court reporter is most likely the most important decision you will ever make. As far as litigation support in depositions, arbitrations, hearings, conventions, and press conferences are concerned, you don’t want to leave room for errors. At Connor Reporting, we know that our clients need consistent real-time Indiana court reporting services with the highest level of accuracy. This is why we offer our clients various court reporting services through qualified real-time reporters. What’s more, we have adopted the most current litigation support software, including CaseView®, Bridge®, RealLegal®, Visionary® Live Feed™, LiveNote®, and Summation®.

Our nationwide network of experienced court providers can offer you real-time links to other parties for depositions at any time regardless of your location. All participants, whether present or on the web, will monitor the real-time transcript live. At the end of the deposition, you will receive an instant transcript via email.

Commitment to Privacy

At Connor Reporting, we know that security and privacy matter. We have measures in place and are compliant with HIPAA standards.

Fort Wayne, Indiana Court Reporting Services

Video Services

Legal video services are important to help capture attention in a unique way that readings from transcripts may not provide. Video depositions have several benefits during trial preparation. By using a professional and certified legal video specialist (CLVS) with the backing of the National Court Reporters Association, you will be able to produce a useful and impactful testimony with the integrity and professionalism required during civil procedures. Our in-house videographers synchronize a transcript into new or existing footage. The synchronized bundle is then transferred to DVD for preservation.

Video Conferencing

You need state-of-the-art conference rooms and deposition suites fully equipped with dedicated support personnel to ensure that all your needs are met during your face-to-face meetings with clients, deponents, and witnesses. Our Fort Wayne signature suites offer large mediation and arbitration rooms and they are highly flexible and can be designed to fit your unique needs.

Certified Technology

As an experienced litigator, you understand the importance of thorough preparation before trial. Knowing the right details to present and when they should be presented is essential in successfully making your case or in impeaching one of the opposition witnesses.

Unfortunately, recalling details that may have accumulated over the course of months or years can be difficult. However, Connor Online Office Suites can help you prepare your case more effectively.

Document Management

One of the best ways to build a strong case is by maintaining accurate and complete court records. Therefore, whether you’re working on criminal cases, insurance cases or civil suits, you must ensure that you keep a complete and accurate compilation of evidence in order to form a proper defense.

If your Fort Wayne litigation team is exhausted from spending a lot of time in document management, let Connor Reporting relieve your stress and help you save both time and money through our online office suite, where our professionals will store all your case documents. What’s more, they will scan and electronically send you your vital documents, videos, and photos so that they remain organized and ready for use whenever you need them.

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