Our Bloomington location is right on the square, just a few blocks from the Indiana University campus. Here, we meet with clients in the Chase building, which is easily accessible to lots of great restaurants.

Bloomington is home to the Indiana University, which boasts 42,000 students. The city, which is the 7th largest in the state, has a population of 80,000. Bloomington was established in 1818 and was named after a “haven of blooms” that settlers found most impressive.


Our reporting services are conveniently headquartered in the heart of Bloomington. Our office in Bloomington’s Chase Building is located right on the square, just a few blocks from the Indiana University campus and a short distance from many popular restaurants. Here, we meet with clients to discuss and fulfill their needs in court reporting, depositions, and litigation services,

As a thriving hub for academic and legal activity, the city of Bloomington has come to know and trust Connor Reporting for its state-of-the-art court reporting, video services, document management, and much more. Here’s a closer look at a few of the services for which Connor Reporting has earned a reputation for excellence:

Court Reporting

Our Realtime-certified court reporters are ready to lend their expertise to your next deposition, arbitration hearing, or press conference. Their professionalism and expert knowledge of litigation support software allow them to provide accurate and expedient transcripts that are made available to you instantly via email.

Video Services

Our video team specializes in legal videos and can synchronize audio to newly recorded or existing footage. Our technology enables you to perform keyword searches and easily navigate to the segments of footage you’re looking for. Our team is also capable of producing any other videos that suit your needs — just let us know what your vision is!

Our private, high-definition video conferencing facilities allow you to hold face-to-face meetings in a secure, reliable space with all the technological capabilities you need.

Document Management

With our certified technology, we can prepare your documents, exhibits, and video clips for presentation in the courtroom. Our trial presentation team is ready to support your litigation by ensuring that all your documents are organized and rendered at the highest possible level of quality.

If you prefer to prepare documents on your own, our complimentary Connor Online Office Suite can serve as your online headquarters. The secure online management system can be accessed anywhere, empowering everyone on your legal team review all pertinent documents at any time with the benefit of password protection.

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