The days of court reporters and litigators lugging around heavy binders and shipping large boxes filled with paper documents are over. In the past, it was impressive to perform a “paper dump,” displaying piles and piles of documents in the deposition room. Today, however, it is much more professional and efficient to make use of streamlined technology.

Exhibeo is a patented, paperless deposition solution that is efficient, affordable, faster than alternatives and 100% secure because it does not use the Internet. It allows attorneys to have all of their case files at every deposition, and those files are searchable, shareable and portable. With this all-in-one system, simply copy documents to the Exhibeo Drive, attach the Exhibeo Drive to the Exhibeo Router and share the documents through the Exhibeo App. This technology allows court reporters to mark documents digitally and share them instantly with deposition attendees. Nothing is marked or shared without first coming from the leader, so the taking attorney is in complete control of the deposition session from start to finish.

Exhibeo offers several advantages for legal professionals:

Paperless: Producing, altering, copying, storing and shipping volumes of paper documents costs valuable time and money. Paper production is also more wasteful and less environmentally friendly than digital alternatives. Finally, paper documents are limited in ways that digital documents are not. Exhibeo allows deposition attendees to zoom for clarity, find a particular page instantly, highlight and annotate certain content, perform keyword searches and handle enormous document files in one hand.

Cloudless: With Exhibeo, legal professionals can access documents at meetings, depositions, hearings or arbitrations without paying for cloud storage. Downloads will not be dependent on an unreliable or non-existent signal because no Internet connection is required.

Secure: Physical documents are easily misplaced, damaged or stolen, while digital documents are stored in the secure document management database. All documents are completely private because the taking attorney chooses what to share and when.


Exhibeo technology offers triple security:


  • The pre-configured Exhibeo router is synced and encrypted to its USB drives. Settings can only be changed by Exhibeo support staff.


  • The storage USB is locked to the router via configuration and password.


  • The leader of the deposition must sign in with a password to initiate the session and access files. Other guests must send an authentication request to the leader in order to participate.


Fast: All documents are shared locally through Exhibeo’s WIFI network, avoiding lengthy downloads. With Exhibeo, you can share a 10 Mb file in 10 seconds. Best of all, when the deposition is over, participants can leave with all of their documents.  

Legal Ready: Exhibeo was specifically designed for the legal industry to streamline deposition, arbitration and mediation procedures. The documents can be written on and marked as exhibits. Attorneys can have a private work document and a clean document to share. Each attorney can make personal notes and annotations which are saved securely and accessible immediately.

Exhibeo technology offers efficiency and professionalism while eliminating the costs and hassle of paper. Best of all, Connor Reporting offers this technology free of charge! We provide all the hardware and tech-support personnel to facilitate a smooth paperless deposition. As the first court reporting firm in the Midwest to offer Exhibeo, Connor Reporting continues to set the record straight. Lighten your load and lower your costs—schedule an Exhibeo deposition with Connor Reporting today!

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