Case exhibits.

From what we have heard from our clients, managing case exhibits takes way more time and energy than it should at most law firms.

Organizing, finding, searching, efficiently using, sending securely…

This is why Veritext created Advanced Case Exhibits (ACE). As a Veritext company, Connor Reporting is pleased to now provide Advanced Case Exhibits (ACE) to clients.

Advanced Case Exhibits (ACE) is a single package containing all of your exhibits for a case. Exhibits are organized chronologically with a descriptive index and rolled up into a handy PDF, hyperlinked and searchable by keyword. Its PDF format makes it easily accessible from any computer, tablet or mobile device so you can finally leave those bankers boxes at the office.

Incredibly simple, yet incredibly powerful.

Pilot clients have noted that ACE has saved from 3 to 16 non-billable hours per case.

Watch this short video (with or without sound – it has subtitles) about ACE

Advanced Case Exhibits (ACE) from Veritext from Mobley Reporting on Vimeo.

The Value of Advanced Case Exhibits (ACE)

The value of ACE is enormous when there are many exhibits associated with a case. Even when there are a handful of exhibits, the time-savings is meaningful.

For the Attorney

  • Easily transportable – no need to carry bankers boxes of previously marked exhibit
  • Immediate access to previous exhibits
  • All attorneys will have access to their own personalized ACE based on order history. Delivered directly to them following each deposition


For the Assistant or Paralegal

  • Immediate access to marked exhibits (no searching files and folders for a single document)
  • No need to manually create indexes
  • Takes tons of time out of trial preparation
  • Incredibly simple, yet incredibly powerful.

Connor Reporting is here to help you take advantage of this powerful tool. We are a Veritext company with the experience and resources to provide our clients with exemplary litigation support solutions. To learn more about Advanced Case Exhibits and how to get started, contact us at 800-554-3376 or through the form on our website. 

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