LAST LOOKS from One American Square, #1650


Here’s a pretty view from our 16th Floor office. The brightly dyed canal ushers in St. Patrick’s Day and the coming of spring. Finally!

In just six more weeks, we’ll say goodbye to One American Square. It’s been our home for the last 30 years. We’ve watched the city change along with the seasons. When we opened the office at One America (AUL Tower), the corporate name was John E. Connor & Associates, Inc. When Jim Connor and Craig Williams bought the business from Jim’s dad, it became Connor & Associates.

In 2006, we changed our operational name. The more defined and specific, Connor Reporting, says who we are and what we do.   The Connor brand means outstanding court reporting, fast service backed by a 50-plus-year history of “setting the record straight.

May 1st, the new chapter begins as we open our doors in the Chase Tower on Monument Circle (Indianapolis). From our new home on the 43rd floor, you’ll be able to experience great court reporting while witnessing the quintessential view of Indianapolis.

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