Exhibeo™ Paperless Exhibit System

No paper copying costs. No shipping costs. No download costs. No cloud storage costs. Connor’s state-of-the-art Exhibeo technology is designed to make depositions completely paperless. With this complimentary service, you can view, edit, save, and share unlimited documents. Court reporters quickly save and mark documents digitally, then share them back to the deposition attendees instantly on conveniently individual iPads. Connor provides all the technology and tech-support to facilitate the process whether you’re trying it for the first time or choose Exhibeo for every deposition.

Exhibeo’s clean, paperless system is the perfect on-the-go solution. And, it’s more than just an app. It’s an all-in-one document sharing system that combines hardware and software to quickly and securely share documents. Exhibeo is easy to set up and use. Simply copy your files to the Exhibeo Drive, attach your Exhibeo Drive to your Exhibeo Router, then open the Exhibeo app and share!

No Clouds
Exhibeo lets you share your documents at your deposition, hearing, arbitration, or meeting without pulling documents from a cloud service. No Internet connection is needed.

Legal Ready
Designed for the legal market, Exhibeo shares and marks documents quickly at depositions, arbitrations, or mediations.

Exhibeo takes away the need for paper altogether by eliminating the need to retrieve, copy, and ship paper documents.

Exhibeo is fast. Since everything is shared locally, you don’t have to wait for large files to download from the cloud. Share a 10 Mb file in 10 seconds.

Exhibeo is triple secured.

  1. The pre-configured Exhibeo router is set up with a mixed password, and settings can only be changed by an Exhibeo support staff.
  2. The storage USB is locked to the router via configuration and password.
  3. The leader of the deposition must sign in with a password to initiate the session and access files. Other guests must send an authentication request to the leader in order to participate.

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