Court Reporting

  • Depositions, Hearings, Arbitrations, Press Conferences, Conventions
  • Realtime using LiveNote®, Bridge®, CaseView®, RealLegal®, Summation®:
    Connor Reporting provides realtime court reporting via our Certified Realtime Reporters, combining professionalism, and the technology of the leading litigation support software, including Bridge®, CaseView®, LiveNote®, RealLegal®, Summation®, and Visionary® Live Feed™. Our court reporters can provide realtime links to multiple parties for any deposition, anytime, anywhere. Participants monitor the realtime transcript live – either present in the room or via the web from halfway around the world. At the end of the deposition, the realtime reporter provides an instant transcript by email.
  • Experts in technical, medical, and complex litigation

Video Services

  • Video depositions by in-house CLVS videographers
  • Day-in-the-life videos
  • Digital video synchronized with transcript
    Connor’s in-house certified legal video team will synchronize any transcript to new or existing video footage, including exhibits for side-by-side viewing. We transfer the synchronized bundle to DVD for long-lasting quality. Synchronized videos provide for:
    • Extensive keyword text searches for fast viewing
    • Full playback capability for the courtroom
    • Easy creation and export of video clips

Video Conferencing

  • Video conferencing suites
    Connor provides private, High-Definition video conferencing facilities for convenient and cost-effective face-to-face meetings with deponents, clients, and witnesses. Our facilities provide both IP and ISDN video conferences that are the perfect solution for law firms and businesses. Anytime, anywhere in the world you wish to schedule a video conference, Connor can make it happen by using one of the many networks with which we are affiliated throughout the world. Our large flat-screen TVs with split images easily create views of both participants and documents.

Certified Technology

  • Visionary® Certified for courtroom presentation
    Let Connor prepare documents, exhibits, photos, video clips for your upcoming trial, and present them in the courtroom. Help make your case with the efficient use of our certified trial presentation team

Document Management

  • Connor Online Office Suite
    Connor’s Online Office Suite is your complimentary online headquarters for all of your active and past cases. It’s easy to use, available 24/7 — and there’s no software to purchase. Completely secure, Connor Online Office lets you and your entire legal team schedule depositions directly into the system; find, search, and download transcripts and exhibits; review past and current deposition calendars; review invoicing — all from our ID and password-protected website.
  • Document Scanning
    Let Connor scan, electronically Bates stamp, and organize your documents at the beginning of the case. Turn boxes of paper into a searchable database for import into any one of the case management software such as:
    • Visionary®
    • Summation®
    • LiveNote®
    • RealLegal®
  • RealLegal® Publisher™ and Visionary® Bundles
    Connor’s Binder and/or Visionary Bundles merge your transcripts, exhibits, and synchronized videos into one manageable, searchable, and portable CD/DVD, complete with word indexing. Everything’s hyperlinked—and it’s easy to download information into any of the major litigation support packages.


Online Access

  • Document Management
  • Yeslaw® PDF and Visionary® Bundles
    • Yeslaw and/or Visionary bundles merge your transcripts, exhibits, and synchronized videos into one manageable/searchable/portable CD or DVD.
      Transcripts and exhibits are hyperlinked.
      Formatting is compatible with most litigation management software packages.
  • PDF bundles delivered to your inbox via®
  • Connor Online Office Suite
    Complimentary online office with access 24/7
    • View all transcripts in any case
    • Permanent archival of transcripts/exhibits
    • View exhibit images
    • Manage your calendar
    • Set, cancel and reschedule depositions
    • View invoices, payments, and balances

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