Legal Videography FAQs

Legal video technology is increasingly used to streamline and enhance litigation. Court reporting firms must offer multiple video services (videoconferencing, video depositions, day-in-the-life video, video synchronization) to meet the standards…


How Videoconferencing Saves You Money

Any attorney can confirm that as a case grows more complex or prolonged the associated expenses accumulate, and costs tend to rise at an alarming rate. These increasing demands of…


5 Trends Shaping the Legal Industry

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Paralegal vs. Legal Assistant: What’s the Difference?

The legal field presents an exciting career possibility for many. However, some individuals may not want to invest in law school and become a lawyer. For these individuals there are…


Statewide E-Filing in Indiana Courts

Court records have been migrating from paper to electronic formats for several years now. This shift toward electronic filing, or e-filing, enables legal professionals to easily submit documents to multiple…


How is a Jury Selected?

It is very likely in your adult life that you will be summoned for jury duty, but will you make it to the box? Jury selection is an intriguing process….


Backup Your Files to Avoid Disaster

A house fire is one of the most devastating disasters that can affect a family. Imagining someone’s home, possessions and memories going up in smoke is a horrible, sobering thought….


The Advantages of Exhibeo: A Paperless Exhibit System

The days of court reporters and litigators lugging around heavy binders and shipping large boxes filled with paper documents are over. In the past, it was impressive to perform a…


BAM: Backup Audio Media Guidelines for Court Reporters

Did you know that court reporters may record the audio of a deposition? Technology developed for computer-aided translation (CAT) software allows for the simultaneous digital audio recording of judicial proceedings,…


Picture-in-Picture Video Depositions

There some instances in depositions when a deponent must view and discuss many exhibits. Typically in these situations, legal videographers will zoom in on the exhibit(s) in order to capture…